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Shenzhen Yijiadian Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Company culture
Company mission: Let everyone enjoy good products.
Company vision: To be a pioneer in the industry and to be a first-class enterprise.
Core values: people-oriented, adhere to integrity.
Business philosophy: focus on professionalism, focus on goals, quality first, continuous innovation.
Service concept: customer-centric, beyond customer satisfaction.
Management philosophy: Put the selection and training of talents in the first place; respect and trust every employee; build a learning team and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning; adhere to principles and emphasize discipline; work together to promote the team team spirit.
The company's employment concept: both ability and political integrity, morality first, appointing people on their merits, and employing talents;
Ten standards: diligence and dedication, honesty and integrity, gratitude to the society, optimism and self-confidence, advocating learning, aggressiveness, courage to take responsibility, hard work, innovation, value cooperation, and the spirit of master.