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AskPrecautions for Use of Humidifier
Answer1. humidifier can only add mineral water, data water! 2. humidifier must never add skin care products, toner, essential oil and other similar oily, suspended liquid, otherwise it will cause bad humidi...[Detailed]
AskWhy does the humidifier not spray?
AnswerCheck if humidifier does not spray 1. Check whether the humidifier cotton stick is wet. If the cotton stick is not wet, take out the humidifier cotton stick and wet it and put it back. Pay attention t...[Detailed]
AskWhat water does the humidifier add?
Answer1. Add mineral water and tap water (any water-soluble liquid can be used) 2. Skin care products, essential oils and other oily liquids must not be added[Detailed]
AskHumidifier common sense
Answer1. Tap water cannot be directly added. Tap water generally contains a lot of minerals, which will cause damage to humidifiers and air pollution. Purified water is recommended. 2, regular cleaning, hum...[Detailed]
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