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1. The main style of our humidifier is small creative mini. Its function can be humidified or used as nightlight.[Detailed]


Autumn and winter season is the driest season all year round, especially in the northern weather, the air is very dry, which brings some hidden dangers to peoples skin and health, so humidifiers undoubtedly enter peoples life, but in daily life, many people ignore the harm of humidifiers and do not pay attention to it. In fact, this is a very wrong approach. When it c...[Detailed]


1. Tap water cannot be directly added. Tap water generally contains a lot of minerals, which will cause damage to humidifiers and air pollution. Purified water is recommended. 2, regular cleaning, humidifier used for a long time, there will be a variety of bacteria breeding, if not regular cleaning, bacteria will enter the air with water vapor, will cause certain harm...[Detailed]

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